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Gunpowder for Washington is technically called a young adult book, but I wonder how young that adult would be. This has so much technical detail about the handling of a ship--think Patrick O'Brian--and the life on board a ship in the s also the romantic subplot is very maturely handled.5/5.

George Washington’s War. Sourcebooks Inc., IL. Davis, Tenney L. Gunpowder for Washington book Chemistry of Powder and Explosives. Reprint Angriff, CA.

Partington, James Riddick & Hall, Bert S. A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder. John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Risch, Erna.

Supplying Washington’s Army. A Bell article is always interesting and thought-provoking. One point of clarification: Washington’s goal to get powder from Bermuda may have indirectly panned out.

The so-called Gunpowder Plot of ended with other Colonial vessels seizing barrels of powder from the Bermuda magazine and delivering them to Charleston and : J.


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Old Powder House, Somerville, MA, stored explosive gunpowder. Source: Wikimedia Commons. As we know from our history books, the War for Independence began with the shots fired at Lexington and Concord.

Those shots required gunpowder, a substance that was in short supply throughout the colonies. But great as is likely to be the immediate demand for powder by the National Government, it will constitute, but, perhaps, one-quarter of the gunpowder consumed in this country in a time of peace.

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Gunpowder, also known as the retronym black powder to distinguish it from modern smokeless powder, is the earliest known chemical consists of a mixture of sulfur (S), charcoal (C), and potassium nitrate (saltpeter, KNO 3).The sulfur and charcoal act as fuels while the saltpeter is an oxidizer.

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Gunpowder by Jack Kelly is surprisingly entertaining reading. I had picked up this book rather reluctantly, fearing a dry dissertation on the chemistry of gunpowder. Instead I was treated to a dance through history of interesting events connected by this main s: the ‘Gunpowder Plot Book’, a collection in three volumes, of the most significant government documents relating the plot.

The image of James I and VI used is from KB 27/ The Gunpowder Plot Around midnight on Monday 4th of NovemberSir Thomas Knyvett was ordered to carry out a search of the rooms below the hall. Hunters and explorers as early as were creating their own powder as they traversed the Appalachian region, recovering it from the rocks, refining it and mixing it with sulfur and charcoal.

Second. What I mean by black powder is the old stuff. The smoky gritty ancient Chinese discovered material. It smoked like you wouldn't believe, tended to rust gun barrels and clogged parts like no tomorrow. Read Sharpe books by Bernard Cornwell for an accurate description of it.

Smokeless gunpowder has been around since the Boar War.

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The precise reactions of gunpowder are difficult to elucidate. Rather than being a simple single reaction, the combustion of gunpowder consists of many differing complex reactions.

It’s possible, however, to provide simplified equation that provides an overall idea of the products of the various reactions, as shown in the graphic. Gunpowder, any of several low-explosive mixtures used as propelling charges in guns and as blasting agents. The first such explosive was black powder—a mixture of saltpeter (potassium nitrate), sulfur, and charcoal—which is thought to have originated in China, where it was being used in.

Year Date Region Event China: A Taoist text known as the Cantong qi, or the Book of the Kinship of Three, by Wei Boyang, who lived in the Eastern Han dynasty, mentions a combination of three powders that fly and dance violently.: China: The ingredients of gunpowder are recorded in the Baopuzi, also known as The Master Who Embraces Simplicity, by Taoist philosopher Ge Hong, who lived.

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The Gunpowder Plot is a perfect example of how a government can spin a yarn and get an entire populace on board. It's celebrated every year as if the poor dupe Guy Fawkes attempted to blow-up the Parliament building, king and all/5(2).

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Components have changed drastically over the years—such as case thickness, hotter primers, bullets. "The Age of Gunpowder is a stimulating book that takes us a step further towards a more balanced, and less bounded, comparative history of military innovation in Europe and China.

Meticulously researched and written, this book will be essential reading for scholars and non-specialists of military history, Chinese history, and European history."Reviews: The King’s Book.

Not one to let an opportunity pass him by, King James I decided to put his own spin on the events of the Gunpowder Plot by publishing his own book. Less than a month after the arrest of Guy Fawkes, the King’s book was published, along with the confessions of Fawkes and Wintour.

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HODGDON POWDER CO., INC. (In Stock) - (3) POWDER BLAST. BREAK FREE (In Stock) (4). Gunpowder a Dynamite Entertainment comic book team created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The character first appears in the The Boys #4 released in Powers and Abilities.

Washington fought an uphill battle for military order until Friedrich, Freiherr von Steuben arrived at General Washington’s encampment at Valley. Black powder guns are a whole different ball game compared to shooting standard firearms, but are still used for sport, reenactment, and enthusiast shooting.

Cheaper Than Dirt. has the supplies that you need to get started in black powder shooting, including powder, patches, wads, and projectiles. Even the father of our country, George Washington, was known to bribe the electorate with booze.

In his recent book Last Call: The Rise and Fall of. Directed by Gillies MacKinnon. With Vulpe Adrian, Carmen Ungureanu, Clémence Poésy, Tadeusz Pasternak.

Mini series depicting the turbulent and bloody reigns of Scottish monarchs Mary, Queen of Scots and her son King James VI of Scotland who became King James I of England and foiled the Gunpowder Plot.

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The Age of Gunpowder 1. Introduction: The Gunpowder Age and Global History Tonio Andrade Professor of History, Emory University When Chinese alchemists invented the “fire drug” in the s AD, they unleashed one of the most transformative technologies in world history.

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